B+B SmartWorx (powered by ADVANTECH)

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9 Pin, 4-Channel RS-232 Isolator
Optical RS-232 isolators to suit almost any application   Our RS-232 optical isolato..
DB9 to DB25 Serial Cables
Converts 25-pin serial port to a 9-pin AT serial port Offered with a male DB25 to female DB9 ..
EIR Series - Rugged DIN Rail Mount Converters
• Meets NEMA TS1/TS2 requirements for traffic control equipment • Meets IEC61000-6-2 EMC gene..
Elinx ESW100 Series - DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches
• Designed to meet (Heavy) industrial environments, Level 3, 61000-6-2 EMC certifications • U..
Manufacturer: B+B SmartWorx (powered by ADVANTECH)
Four Port Isolated USB 3.0 Superspeed Hub
The USH304 is opening new doors for increasing speed in industrial applications, such as security..
Manufacturer: B+B SmartWorx (powered by ADVANTECH)
GhostBridge Wireless Ethernet Bridge -Zero-Setup, Secure
Point and play set-up allows the unit to start transmitting within a few minutes - indoors or out..
Heavy Duty Surge Protectors
Heavy duty data line surge protectors meet tough IEEE specifications   IEEE 1000-4-5..
High Speed RS-232/422/485 Fiber Optic Modem
Extend Communications Up to 9 Miles!   With a pair of these serial to fiber converte..
In-line USB to Serial Converter
USOPTL4, USOPTL4-LS, USPTL4, & USPTL4-LS   Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C ..
Industrial Grade Wireless Radio Modems
Easy wire replacement, point to point or multi-point applications   • Modbus compati..
Industrial Serial DIN Rail and Panel Mount Converters & Repeaters
Industrial Serial RS-232 to RS-485 DIN Rail and Panel Mount Converters and Repeaters  Ou..
Manufacturer: B+B SmartWorx (powered by ADVANTECH)
Isolated Serial Converters and Repeaters
Isolated Converters with Terminal Block Connectors    • Wide temperature ranges..
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