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RSS Series
RSS Series
Brand: Dataprobe Inc.
Product Code: RSS Series – Redundancy/Backup Switching System
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Ensure dependability of your critical applications with the Redundancy Switching System (RSS).  A customizable physical layer switching system, the RSS provides you with reliable switchover of communications circuits for line protections and equipment redundancy applications.
Switching Options for Every User
With the RSS, you can create fault-tolerant systems with simultaneous (gang) switching or independent control of each A/B switch. A/B switch cards are available in standard communication interfaces, and support all the leads in their respective interfaces, making them ideal for a wide variety of circuit arrangements.
Scalable 1U and 4U rackmount systems provide an unlimited number of switching possibilities.
Control Options
We offer a variety of control options to facilitate design of reliable redundancy solutions. Each control card can be installed in either the RSS-16 or RSS-3 to provide either individual or gang control.
• IPC-16 Individual Control Card with IP and Serial Interfaces
• IPC-1 Gang Control Card with IP Interface
• IOC-16 Individual Control Card with GPIO (Contact Closure) Interface
• IOC-3 Gang and 3x Individual Control Card with GPIO Interface 
RSS-16 RSS 20 Slot 4U Chassis
IPC-16 Network and Serial Control Card
AB-XXX-R A/B Switch Cards (DB9, DB15, DB25, Dual 8 Wire, Dual BNC, Telco or 34 pin)
PS-RSS-WRI Power Supply
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